10 Waterfalls in Kottayam District

Waterfalls in Kottayam District

There are many hidden and clear waterfalls in Kottayam district, both large and small. Many of these waterfalls are unknown to people. What are the important waterfalls of Kottayam district?

1.Aruvikachal Waterfalls

AruviKachal Waterfalls is located near Poonjar Thekkekara near Erattupetta in Kottayam district. The water falls from a height of about 240 feet. During the monsoon season, Aruvikachal Falls becomes more powerful. During that time, the flow of water in the stream increases and the number of tourists increases. It is beautiful to see the water scattering on the rocks and falling down. The monsoon season is active from July to September. It lasts until the end of winter. It is located at a distance of 2 km from Pathampuzha Junction. Poonjar Palace is located at a distance of 7 km from here. The low risk attracts more tourists to this waterfall. 

Aruvikachal waterfalls

2.Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls

Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls is another waterfall in Kottayam district. It is located 2 km from pallickathodu and 7.5 km from Pampady. This waterfall is a marvel of nature amidst the rubber forests. The water falls from a height of about 30 feet. Many tourists visit this waterfall. The climate here is good and the breeze is always cool. This is a very safe waterfall. Therefore, Aruvikuzhi Falls has become a favorite destination of many tourists. The waterfall is made up of the waters of several nearby streams. Therefore waterfall active only during monsoon. In summer the waterfall almost dries up. It is good place for kids and wedding photoshoots. The surrounding area is beautified recently with toilet facilities and pedestrian bridge, to have a clear and wide view of the falls. Many foreign and local tourists visit this place. The entrance fee to see the falls is Rs 26. There is a special charge for the camera which is Rs 250. Google Plus code JM38+CQ. 

Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls


Kottayam - 20 km

Pala - 18 km 

Kottayam Railway station - 18.5 km

3.Kattikayam Waterfalls

Kattikkayam Falls  is located near Erattupetta in Kottayam district. The waterFalls is located at a distance of about 10 km from the famous Illikkal Kall tourist destination. Kattikayam Falls is rich in water in all climates. As the monsoon intensifies, the waterfall becomes more majestic. The waterfall with its small pits and ditches and this stream offers a lot of different experiences for the bathers. The waterfall has nice cool, clean clear water. Kattikayam Falls is located between two hills. So there is a little more walking and a good climb though. The waterfall is reached through dense trees and hill slopes. It's about a mile and a half to walk. Four wheelers go to Mechal. Most of the tourists prefer to Mechal on the sides where the water flows. This route is through the jungle.

Kattikayam waterfalls

Be careful when descending the pits here. If you do not know how to swim, you should stay ashore. Many pits are very shallow. Some pits also have dangerous vortices. There are no shops near it. It is better to take care of the necessary supplies and water. 

Perumbavoor - Muvattupuzha - Thodupuzha, Muttam - Melukavu - Mechal, Illikkal kallu, Kattikkayam That is the root.

4.Marmala Waterfalls

Marmala waterfall is located in Theekoy panchayat near Erattupetta in Kottayam district. This waterfall is located in a stream that is part of the tributary of the Meenachilar. It is the tallest waterfall in Kottayam. The water falls from a height of 130 feet. There is also a natural lake below the waterfall. The lake is so wide that visitors can swim in it. Due to the strong currents during the monsoon season, it is not possible to enter the streams and waterfalls. It is close to the Illukkal kallu Hills, which are frequented by tourists. You can also reach here from Ilaveezhapoonchira. 

Marmala is a beautiful small waterfall that is even more dangerous. This is a great place to go for trekking enthusiasts. There are many view points along the way. In between there are multiple waterfalls. This waterfall is one of the beginnings of Meenachilar. Walk up the stream to Marmala, which has huge trees, small pits and ditches. No big climb but this trip is a bit adventurous. 

Marmala waterfalls

How to reach

Pala - Erattupetta - vellikulam - vagamon.

Marmala Falls is located at a distance of 10 km from Erattupetta. You can also reach Marmala via Mangalagiri from Theekoy.

5.Vettukallumkuzhi Falls

Vettukallumkuzhi falls is located near Adivaram. Which is located about 10 km from poonjar town. This waterfall that is unknown to many people. This is a small waterfall. Vettukallumkuzhi waterfall is not as famous as Aruvikachal Falls and Kattikayam falls. This waterfall is very beautiful to look at monsoon season. 

How to reach

Erattupetta to Adivaram via poonjar. This falls is about 10 km away from poonjar town and 15 km from Erattupetta. It will take an hour to reach in vettukallumkuzhi falls from Erattupetta.

6.Kottathavalam Falls.

Kottathavalam is an unknown waterfall located in the Kottayam district. This waterfall is the origin of the Meenachilar. You can reach here after trekking through the jungle. This place is a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. On the way you can see the distant view of the waterfall. We can only reach the top by crossing many adventurous routes, enjoying the ever-blowing cool breeze and the sounds of various birds. During the monsoons, this waterfall can only be seen from a distance. In summer, you can go near the waterfall and enjoy the beauty and bathe. This waterfall is located in Adivaram ward of Poonjar Thekkekkara Grama Panchayat in Kottayam district. The distance from Erattupetta to Poonjar is 5 km and from Poonjar to Adivarath is 8 km. 

Kottathavalam waterfalls

7.Kadavupuzha Waterfalls

The waterfall is located on the road side, at a distance of 3 km from Moonnilavu town. This is also a waterfall that people do not know about. Going to the top of the river we can see a beautiful bridge. The bridge was built to carry people from one side to the other during the monsoons. There are a lot of small creeks and waterfalls here. Kids can safely bathe and enjoy some of the creeks here. Some creeks need to be kept safe. This is a great picnic spot to hang out with family. The famous Illikkal kallu  tourist destination is located nearby. This is a great place for a photo shoot. It is only about 30 minutes away from Pala town. It is a 15 minute drive from Erattupetta - Muttam Road. 

8.Anjumala Waterfalls

Anjumala Falls is located in Munnilav Panchayath near Pala in Kottayam district.  Park the car near Anjumala Church and walk downhill. This is a great picnic spot to go on a one day trip with the family. The atmosphere here is calm and clear. A place that gives good warmth to the mind. But during the monsoons, it is a good waterfall.  Children and adults alike can safely bathe in the natural lake. What makes it special is that even small children can get into it comfortably. It's a great place to take a variety of photos. The only school taught by St. Alphonsus is located nearby. After reaching Erattupetta from Pala, you can reach the moonnilavu from Vakakkadu.

Anjumala waterfalls

9.Melaruvi Waterfalls

This waterfall is located close to Kanjirappally in Kottayam district. Melaruvi is located on the border of Kanjirappally and Chirakkadavu panchayats. It can be reached by traveling half a kilometer from the Kanjirapally General Hospital on the National Highway. This view is a feast for the nature lovers as it flows slowly from the still roof like a lake and cascades down steep cliffs. This fountain, which cascades down the sloping cliffs, is beautiful but not completely safe. That is why it is dangerous to take a bath or go for a walk beyond sight. This waterfall is surrounded by habitats. The months from May to December have good flow. It is located at a distance of 36 km via Kottayam and Ponkunnam and 3 km from Kanjirappally. 

Melaruvi falls, kanjirappally

10.Vadakkemala Waterfalls

This waterfall is located close to Yendayar after Koottickal on the Mundakkayam Vagamon route. The waterfall is around 5 km away from yendayar town. On the way to the waterfall, you can see mountains and lush green valleys. The water falls from a great height in layers. There is a bridge built for people to walk on and you can see the beauty of the water flowing in layers from the bridge. Look at the waterfall from this bridge and you can see it very close. It is an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This place is very calm and beautiful. 

Vadakkemala waterfalls

There are no sign boards on the way to the falls. Come on the road from Enthayar to Urumbikkara and from there this waterfall is near Vadakkemala Church. 


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