Best 10 Beaches in Abu Dhabi


There are many beaches to visit in Abu Dhabi. There are many things for kids to do.Theme parks, mosques, outdoor adventures and great dining choices are just some of the things to see and do in Abu Dhabi if you want a day away from the beach. The city's many beach resorts all have their own private strips of sand.  

If your hotel doesn't have its own beach or you want to explore, there are many other options.  Abu Dhabi has a number of public beaches – some with free entry and others with a small entry fee – all of which are well-maintained and offer clean water for swimming.  The facilities are decent in all of them. 

The city's beach clubs and most beach resorts offer day access beach passes for casual visitors. Perks at these privately run beaches usually include use of a swimming pool and many amenities such as restaurants and cafes at your fingertips. Check out our list of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi.

1.Corniche Beach 

Corniche Beach is one of the best man-made beaches in Abu Dhabi. It is an eight-kilometer-long beach that extends along the Corniche Road and offers unique services to beachgoers like multiple sports facilities, a library, and more. Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach, is one of the key tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi, was opened on 7 July 2008. The Corniche Beach has two phases, the first phase with an area of 94,500 square meters and the second phase with an area of 126,000 square meters. 

Abu Dhabi Corniche adheres to a specific set of standards related to environmental information, education, water quality, safety, services and environmental management; This enabled the Corniche to achieve Blue Flag certification in April 2011 and has been proudly maintained for the past four years. 

There are children's playgrounds inside the beach, pedestrian paths, A variety of caf├ęs, restaurants and sports facilities are accessible for free. 

Opening Hours for Swimming Timings

07:00am - Sunset 

Opening Hours for family Beach and Sahil Beach

07:00 am - 12:00 am

Location: Corniche, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi

Activities: Swimming, volleyball, cycling, sunbathing. 

Entry Fee: Entry to the public beach is free, but if you visit the family beach at Abu Dhabi Corniche, AED 10 per adult and AED 5 per child apply.  Children under the age of five are free to enter the beach.

2. Saadiyat Beach 

It is one of the best Abu Dhabi Beaches with a cafeteria and sunbeds. It is a perfect place to enjoy a morning walk, evening stroll and watch the sunset over the Arabian Gulf. The beach is open throughout the week. This public beach in Abu Dhabi has many facilities for visitors. Those driving to the beach will find ample parking. The beach parking lot can accommodate up to 200 vehicles at a time. 

Relax on the shore all day. You will find lounge chairs and umbrellas within walking distance of the beach. Alternatively, there are water sports facilities. You can indulge in kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. Lifeguards are available on the beach all day. 

Another thing you can try at the beach is yoga classes. Give yourself a chance to calm down amidst the gentle sea breeze and the sound of waves lapping against the sea. Saadiyat Island is full of native wildlife. One of the best things to do in Saadiyat Beach is to visit the Hawksbill turtle hatchery. If you are lucky, you can also see dolphins playing on the beach.

Saadiyat Beach Club for a more luxurious experience. The club features a stunning outdoor pool, spa, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and private bungalows. 

Other facilities at the beach include:


Changing rooms

Retail shop

A cafe

Location: Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Activities: Yoga, sunbathing, family picnic, building sandcastle. 

Entry fee: Saadiyat Beach entry fee is as follows:

Adults can enter the beach for AED 25

Children (aged 6 and above) are granted entry for AED 15

3. Al Bateen Beach 

Al Bateen Beach is a favorite weekend getaway in Abu Dhabi for families, couples and singles alike. It is one of the best Abu Dhabi beaches, stretching over eight hundred meters facing Hudairiyat Island. Families flock to Al Bateen Beach, especially on weekends to take advantage of this gorgeous beach. 

Those who are interested in physical activity are in luck. Bring your volleyball and enjoy beach volleyball with friends. Playing football is also an option. For the little ones, there are well-kept play areas to keep them engaged. 

Watersports options include jet-skiing, paddleboarding and kayaking. You can rent sports equipment at the water sports center on the beach. The clean and usually calm beach is ideal for swimming and there are changing facilities on site. You can also swim without worry knowing that there are lifeguards on the beach.

It is also a perfect place for fishing. It does help that the beach is relatively quieter compared to other beaches hence there is a good population of fish near the shore. 

Al Bateen women beach

There is a separate section for women. So, women can enjoy the beautiful and safe beach in peace. Women life guards are on duty. However, evening swimming is prohibited for safety reasons. 

Visitors may not fish, camp or use cameras in this area. Privacy and security are paramount. This section can accommodate more than 11,000 women and children. There are a number of showers and changing rooms at Al Bateen Beach, Abu Dhabi. You can also rent towels and sun loungers. 

There are a few cafes in the surroundings such as Stable Caffe, Burgerchi Restaurant, Glazed, Hamburgatti. You can bring food from home or try out these cafes. 

Location: Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Abu Dhabi

C9GG+WWP - Khalifa Al Mubarak St - Al Qurm - Qasr Al Shatie - Abu Dhabi

Activities: Football, volleyball, swimming. 

Visiting Hours: You can visit the beach from 08:00 am until sunset. Women’s beach is open until 10:00 pm. 

Entry fee: Al Bateen Beach entry fee. However, Al Bateen Beach for Women has an AED 25 entry fee for adults and AED 5 for children. 

4. Al Sahil Beach 

Al Shahil beach in Abu Dhabi is a peaceful and serene place to spend a day with family and friends. Al Sahil beach is popular among sports enthusiasts for its beach volleyball, football playoffs and fitness centers. Tall skyscrapers glistening in the sun on one side of the beach and the blue sea stretching as far as the eye can see on the other. 

If you are traveling with kids, there are special gates that only allow families to enter. Bike rentals and buggies are readily available and there is a small restaurant where you can eat. Sun loungers, showers and toilets are also available. There aren’t any restrictions upon entering except paying a small entry fee. 

Location: Al Sahil Beach, Corniche Abu Dhabi, Corniche Rd, Abu Dhabi

Activities: Football, volleyball, swimming, family picnic. 

5. Al Mirfa Beach 

Mirfa Beach is one of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi where the Al Gharbia watersports festival is hosted. It is not a very crowded beach. Previously known as Al Gharbia, Al Dhafra has stunning beaches and islands, which are gradually being developed for visitors. 

There are a few sports activities people can enjoy like kiteboarding, wakeboarding, surf ski, and kayaking. If you are looking for adventure, then this place is for you. It is a stunning spot that has been a well-kept secret tucked away from the city in the village of Mirfa in Al Dhafra. It is the perfect place for a family beach escape. 

Camping facilities are available and you can buy supplies from the small village nearby. Al Mirfa Beach is a great option for people who want to camp overnight, organise a picnic with family and friends or just want to swim in the clear waters. 

You can choose from the following activities available at Al Mirfa Hotel:

Jet Skiing

Wake Boarding


Stand-up board

Banana ride

Donut ride

Fishing trip

Boat Cruise around the Island

Kite Surfing Area 

Al Gharbia Watersports Festival

The 10-day Al Gharbia Watersports Festival is organised every year in April. Different competitions held include traditional and modern sailboat races, surf-ski kayaking, wakeboarding and kite flying. Local and international competitors can take part in the Al Gharbia Watersports Festival. During the festival, camping facilities are provided to participants as well as visitors. A Sunset Souk, live entertainment and a kid’s play area, add to the carnival-like atmosphere. 

Location: Al Gharbia, Abu Dhabi

Activities: Wakeboarding, kayaking and surf skiing 

Entry Fee: There is no Al Mirfa Beach entry fee. 

6. Al Hudayriat Island Beach 

This beach is located on a quiet island where you can find unique excitement and beauty. There are many adventures and activities to try like kayaking and surfing. Enjoy cycling around the beach or you can play football, tennis and other activities offered. Al Hudayriat beach is a perfect leisure destination where you can eat, enjoy and explore. Located far from the mainland, the beach is a secluded spot where you can relax and rejuvenate. 

The 3,000-hectare island opened to the public a few years ago and has quickly become a go-to leisure destination for beachgoers, sports enthusiasts and families. The first phase of the beach and entertainment area officially opening in 2018. This island has become a favourite tourist attraction and a great spot for residents to relax on weekends. 

Those looking for the best cycling tracks in Abu Dhabi should visit Al Hudayriat Island. After crossing the bridge, you can see the attractions of Al Hudayriat Beach. The bridge features two loops of cycling tracks — one which is 5 km long and the other stretching up to 10 km. Ride your bike and marvel at the scenic sea views along the way. The cycling track is also well-lit at night to accommodate cyclists who prefer a late start.  

Most professional cyclists and enthusiasts bring their own bikes. Visitors can get in on the action by renting bikes and helmets from Yas Cycles, which has a branch on Al Hudayriat Island. Bike rentals start from AED 50 for adults and AED 25 for kids. Visitors who bring personal bikes can also avail of their service packages. Starting from AED 150, the packages include everything from cleanings to a brake tune-up and tubeless tyre installations.  

Facilities at Al Hudayriat Island include showering facilities, seperate toilets for ladies and an assortment of food trucks. 

Location: Hudariyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Activities: Cycling, football, tennis, kayaking, and kite surfing 

7. WaveBreaker Beach 

If you want to spend a day drinking beer and relaxing on the beach, Wavebreaker is the perfect place to be. Wavebreaker Beach is the best place to do so while enjoying the calm sea and the enchanting panoramic view of the city’s tall buildings and many attractions. Sinking your toes into the white sand while the cool breeze blows on your face will be a new experience.

Excellent spot to watch sunrises through the buildings, nice place for walk with pets. Fishing is prohibited there. You can swim in the backdrops of abu dhabi. If you are lucky you can see some large fishes also. 

There are also a few other tourist attractions such as Heritage Village, Marina Mall, Marina eye, several cafes and restaurants in the area. The sunset is spectacular and everyone can have more fun at the beach restaurant and enjoy delicious grills and food with chilled beer. 

Location: F8HM+74W - Al Marina - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Activities: Sunbathing, wine and dine, beach volley 

Visiting Hours: Open 24 hours

8. Al Qurm Beach 

Al Qurm Beach is a family beach in Abu Dhabi. This tranquil land is the most beautiful escape from the chaos of the city where you can relax. If you are holidaying with family, this is the place to enjoy a day out with your kids. 

The beach has many activities for your thrilling experience. From Jet skiing to Kayaking and Parasailing, there are many adventures awaiting you. Marine life is one of the major attractions of Al Qurm Beach, so if you are a diver, this can be the right place for you. 

Location: Al Qurm, Abu Dhabi 

Visiting Hours: 9 am to 6 pm 

Entry Fee: AED 20 

Activities: Jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving. 

9. Yas Beach 

It also has a beach bar, and you can enjoy activities here such as beach volleyball, kayaking, and jet skiing. There are mangrove tours as well in case you wish to interact with the nature for a while. Additional features like jet skies and banana rides make it all the more fun for adventure and sport enthusiasts. 

Relax and recuperate in the quietest corner of Yas Island and return to Yas Beach Abu Dhabi. Located near the beautiful Yas Marina Circuit, this sandy gem has everything you need for a first-class vacation. 

Yas Beach has everything you need for the perfect beach day. Private cabanas add a touch of luxury to your sunbathing, while cushioned sun loungers mean you don't have to sacrifice comfort to soak up the rays. With full food and beverage services available. 

Other top attractions, including Ferrari World™ Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi, are also within easy reach.

Location: Yas Island, Opposite Crown Plaza, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

Activities: Jet skiing, kayaking, volleyball. 

Visiting Hours: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm 

Entry Fee: Admission price for Non Yas Island’s hotel guest

Entry is free for Yas Island’s hotel guests. They can avail a complementary entry pass from hotel’s reception.

Weekdays - AED 50

Weekends and public holidays - AED 100

Free for Children under 12. 

10. The Austrians Beach 

The Austrians is certainly one of the most beautiful coastlines on Yas Island. Austrians beaches are among the most beautiful beaches that call to weary souls who just want to lay down a hammock and relax in the sun. People can swim in the clear water beaches and coral reefs, so snorkeling and scuba diving are essential and quite enjoyable.

You can also go swimming in the crystal clear waters and try parasailing and jet skiing. Yas Island is home to some of the most vibrant marine life and coral reefs, so snorkeling and scuba diving are a real delight here. 

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi 

FG9J+XM4 - Jazeerat Al Sammaliyyah - Abu Dhabi

Activities: Parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving

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