The Fantastic Mazaraa Farm shop- Al Bahyah


Mazaraa Farm Al Bahyah is a perfect place for nature lovers and lovers of greenery. Walking around and enjoying nature, harvesting fresh crops, listening to birds chirping while enjoying the cool breeze are the main pastimes. The farm has a variety of trees, plants, fruits and vegetables. You can spend some time with domestic animals like buffaloes, horses, sheep,  hens and cows. 

When you enter the farm they have gorgeous seating arrangements surrounded by trees, Sunflowers and bushes and full of green. Next to that, the shop is filled with organic vegetables, honey, Spices and diary products. 

Masara Farm Shop Abu Dhabi offers the freshest organic produce. Special emphasis is placed on the production of certified organic vegetables, fruits and eggs through sustainable agricultural practices. The farm grows and sells well-priced colorful fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, sweet potatoes, chilies, and eggplants.  There is a good selection of olive oil, dates and honey, but they are expensive.  The whole concept is well thought out and presented in the style of a traditional farm shop.Visitors the farm can even pick their own greens. All you have to do is take a basket from the reception area and pick the crops. Be careful not to spoil the small crops though. 

Mazara Farm Shop Abu Dhabi has you covered for the best quality organic produce. The farm shop also stocks olive oil, organic salt and a range of dairy products. The store's well-informed staff are more than happy to explain how items are nurtured, grown or produced. 

When you visit Mazara Farm you must stop by their quaint organic restaurant/cafe. The shop is attached for the visitors refreshments and chatting. You can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and a cheesy donut while meeting the farm's resident animals and taking in the beautiful views.  All the food and drinks at the cafe are made with healthy and organic ingredients. 

The signature burger at Mazaraa Kitchen is definitely worth a go. If you’d prefer something creamy, the mushroom risotto is know for being a crowd pleaser. Headed to the farm early doors? Their french toast with berry compote and fresh fruits makes for a deliciously tasty brekkie.... 

Residues such as fruit and vegetable peels are recycled with food waste and converted into organic fertilizers used in nurseries. 

Location: 11 Lane 438, Al Bahyah - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Entry Fee: Adults need to pay AED 25, with kids entry being AED 15. Children under 5 and people over 60 get free entry. 

Visiting Hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm any day of the week.  


  1. I just contacted them via WhatsApp and they said that you can’t pick your own produce.

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