Thankayyan's Rock Cave (Malayil Kallan Guha)


There are many sights to see in and around Munnar, a favorite tourist destination of Malayalis. Malayil Kallan Guha is one such place. This cave is on the road from Munnar to Thekkady, about fourteen kilometers past Devikulam.  This small cave can be found on the left side of the cliff at the widest part of Gap Road.  This cave, which sleeps stories, is one of the favorite stops of travelers passing through it. 

A thief like Kayamkulam Kochunni used to live in this cave. That thief was robbing the rich people who were traveling this way and helping the poor people in nearby villages. The locals called him the 'hill thief'. Over time, this cave came to be known after him. 

In the 1960s, Thankayyan, the usurper, was a nightmare for the plantation managers of Munnar, the Saipans, and the traders who had trade connections with Tamil Nadu. Thankayan's base was on the way from the top station to Korangini.  Thangayan's hobby was breaking into the managers' bungalows and stealing. A portion of the proceeds was given to the poor. Once he was caught by the police but escaped by cheating. It is said that he escaped through this cave. That is how this cave got its name. The old-timers say that Thankayyan was killed in an encounter with the police in Tamil Nadu in the late 60s. 

Even after many years, the cave named after Thankayyan still exists.  It is dark and it is not possible to walk further inside.  If you walk a little inside, you will feel suffocated. 

The cave entrance is about one meter above the road. Concrete steps have been built in front to climb into the cave. The interior is small in size but very tall. Visitors can enter it. The cave is barely big enough for one person to stand. It is also believed that monks used to do penance here in ancient times. From the viewpoint on the opposite side of the cave you can get a beautiful view of the Lockhart estate. Chokramudi can be seen on the right side. 

Opposite the cave is a shop selling tea and sweets. Tourists can sit here and enjoy the surrounding view. It is a resting place for bikers and others who usually pass this way. Like other places in Munnar, this place is best visited during winters. 

Location: 24PH+RM4, Idukki, Kerala 685613, India 

Entry Fee: Free Entry 

Visiting Hours: 24 hours Open 

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