The Beauty of Thooval waterfalls.


The Beautiful Mountains, hills and waterfalls attract tourists to Idukki. Needless to say, when it's rainy season, the view of waterfalls falling down is spectacular. One such is the Thooval waterfalls located near Nedumkandam in Idukki district. Thooval falls down like milk from the hill near Manjapara and Ettithoppu.  areas in Nedunkandam Panchayat border. You can reach here via Ettithoppu, Manjapara or Ezhukumvyal. There is no passable road near the falls, but two kilometers down the hill through farmlands, you can reach the edge of Thoovalaravi. 

Apart from the main waterfall which is cascading down, there is another waterfall here through the rock gorge. This water flows into the Chinnar River and Periyar. If rural tourism project is implemented by linking Karithod and Thuwal waterfalls, hundreds of tourists can be attracted here. Bridges have been built connecting each other on the cliffs for tourists to walk over the falls and see the sights. 


The waterfall cascades its water over its top and finally flows like a river and moves towards the Erattayar dam. The eco-friendly environment and scenery add to the beauty of this waterfall. The number of tourists is increasing day by day to see these magnificent sights. Tourists also want to climb from the bottom to the summit point. But due to heavy water flow it is very dangerous like algae on the rocks. Everyone is sure to enjoy this beautiful waterfall with pleasure. You have to walk around 300 meters to reach the waterfall. 

The beauty of the waterfall can be safely enjoyed from these bridges. Apart from this, the construction work of protective fences and rest room, complex has started. 

Location: V423+49Q, Thooval, Idukki Dist, SH40, Kerala 685553, India

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Visiting Hours: Open 24 hours 

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