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Vagamon views

Vagamon has been a popular tourist destination for malayalees for decades. Vagamon is a tourist destination located near Elappara in Idukki district, Kerala. Many people come here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place beyond the winding roads. There are so many sights to see here in a single day. It is also home to a number of resorts and guest house. Vagamon is located at an elevation of 3600 Ft (1100 meter) above sea level. On the border of the western ghats once upon a time, vagamon and kolahalamedu were places that went unnoticed. In total there was the indo- swiss project livestock center. Later with the rise of vagamon on the tourist map and it's popularity in the press. The flow of tourists to vagamon increased pine forests are a major tourist attraction. It's now established at the nearby agricultural College. Vagamon is one of the top 10 tourist destination in the world listed by " National Geographic Traveler". Tourists visiting vagamon are mermerized by the beauty of the pine trees and the warmth of the tea gardens. The journey to vagamon through the winding roads between the huge Cliffs will be unforgettable for the tourists.

Vagamon generally has a cool climate. Summer daytime temperatures here range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. Snow, Tea Gardens, Lawns and Shola Hills add to the charm of Vagamon. The foothills of the Vagamon range extend to the Theekoy. Vagamon is surrounded by three hills, Murugan Hill, Thangal Hill and crucifixion.Barren hills and pine forests are the main attractions of Vagamon.  Located on the border of Idukki and Kottayam districts, the journey to Vagamon is pleasant. Deep coca on one side and snow-capped mountains on the other side. From Vellikulam to Vazhikkadavu on the Erattupetta - Peermede Highway, Vagamon is reached by a 6 km long rocky road. Vagamon is located at a distance of 16 km from Elappara. The journey is through a road full of tea gardens along the way. 

Important places to see while visiting vagamon.

1.Vagamon Barren hills.

One of the irreplaceable sights in vagamon is the barren hills spread over an acre. You can go up and down the hill with only grass and take photos. Lot of movies have been shot here. On the way to see the Barren hill, you can see many small shops,in the middle. The place experiences is good fog during the winter and rainy seasons. When you go with your family, you can sit and eat together if you take the food with you.

Vagamon Barren hills.

                                                                                                                2.Vagamon view point.

vagamon view point is the starting point for sightseeing in vagamon. The view point can be seen from the front of the theekoy road. This is really the gateway to vagamon. If you park your car at vagamon view point, you can see a lot of sights,  Bus  plying up and down the hills, houses in the valley's and silvery waterfalls cascading down through the woods are some of the attractions here. Then enjoy the alternating Fog.

vagamon view point


       3.Vagamon waterfalls  


Originally known as the palozhukumpara falls. It is popularly known as the vagamon falls. This waterfall is located close to the lower pine forest. This waterfall will be full by the end of October. However, this waterfall can only be seen from a distance.                          

Vagamon fall


    4. Pine forest

Pine forest are another important tourist attraction in vagamon. Pine trees growing on acres of land. Many tourists come here to see the lined pine forest. The view of the pine trees growing at a good height is a must see. The head-turning pine forest is a favorite location for filmmakers. Many movie and album song scenes have already been shot here. The wind blowing through the pine trees makes a special sound. It sounds like a furnace. As the force of the wind increases, so does the sound of the furnace. From here, visitors can take as many photos as they want. Running and playing among the pine trees can be a delight for children. The forests of Vagamon offer the same experience as the pine forests of Kodaikanal in Ooty. When you arrive in the morning, you can see the sun shining through the pine trees. 

Pine forest



Thangalpara is near kolahalamedu. This is the Tomb of  Sheikh Fariduddin. If you walk further from here, you can see the entire skyline of the vagamon. Thangalpara is also a popular tourist destination for visitors to vagamon. The views from the Cliffs and the three hills is unforgettable.

6.Murugan Hill

Murugan hill is another popular tourist destination in vagamon. Lot of people come here for trekking. There is a small Murugan temple at the top of the hill. The atmosphere here is quite calm and spiritual. It is surrounded by small shrine and a statue of goddess Kali. It is located close to the cross hill. Most people come here to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Murugan hill

7.Vagamon Tea Garden Lake

This lake is a must visit place when visiting vagamon. The lake is located at an elevation of 3900 Ft above sea level. The surrounding hills add to the beauty of the lake. When the water is clear like tears and the grasslands like chiseled water come together, you will look at the lake itself. The lake is well known to tourists for its movies and photos. It is also a busy place in vagamon. Many people come here for photography and walking on the suspension bridge. There are various types of boats available here such as paddle boats, rowing boats and kayaking for boating. As you climb the suspension bridge, you will see a beautiful little house on the other side.

Vagamon Tea Garden Lake

8.Vagamon crucifixion

Vagamon crucifixion is one of the must visit attractions of vagamon. There are many places for non- believer to visit and enjoy the kurisumala Ashram and the diary farm here attract every one . There are beautiful scenery breezes and occasional fog. Looking down from the top of the hill, we can see the beautiful views of the Tea plantations and the Murugan hill. Going up a little further, we can see a European- style buliding by Larry Baker, a prominent architect. Hundreads of believers come to the cross to participate in the way of the cross during the Great Lent.

Vagamon crucifixion

How to reach

Vagamon is located at a distance of 40 km from Thodupuzha, 37 km from Pala, 45 km from Kumily, 65 km from Kottayam and 40 km from Kanjirapally. Kochi is located 102 km west of Vagamon, the main city of Kerala. The Nedumbassery  international Airport is the nearest airport. The nearest railway station is at Kottayam. 


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