Ezhattumugham Nature village and Suspension bridge

Ezhattumugham Nature village is located on the border of Ernakulam and Thrissur district of Kerala. Those who want to enjoy the silence of the forest and the beauty of nature are more likely to come here. You can go down to the river on one side of the park. The descent into the river is full of some adventure. To reach the Ezhattumugham tourist destination, one has to travel 17 km from Chalakudy. The main attraction of the place is the suspension bridge. This suspension bridge connects the Ezhattumugham of Ernakulam district and Thumboormuzhi in Thrissur district.

Ezhattumugham suspension bridge

You can enjoy the beauty of the river from the top of the suspension bridge. Visitors can spend  a few moments in the midst of natural beauty. Tourists visiting the Ezhattumugham nature village can also see the Thumboormuzhi garden.

There is an amusement park for kids here. There are rides for kids to Play on, including a swing and a restaurant. This area is kept clean by the authorities. The beauty of the chalakudy river from the top of the bride is a must see at least once. The beautiful flowing river hits the cliffs here and turns into Seven and joins again. This is how the place got the name Ezhattumugham. When the water level in the river is low, small lakes and canals become clear, so that we can bath and go down into the canals.

Another speciality of the place is the palm oil farms. The oil palms-rich village is regularly visited by people from different states during the season.

Although the sites was destroyed in the 2018 floods. The Ernakulam district tourism  promotion council led by silverstorm amusement park,has renovated the site.

Those coming from Ernakulam, kottayam and Idukki districts, should take the Thrissur route after Angamaly junction, turn right at Karayamparambu junction and take Mookkannur Ezhattumugham road. It is 15km away. 
The entry fee is Rs 20 per person.


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