One Of The Most Popular Garden in Al Ain for Picnics and Barbecue

Green Mubazzarah Park at Al Ain

Green Mubazzarah park is located on the Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. The park is situated at the foothill of the Jebel Hafeet, the largest mountain in Al Ain. This is a nice green area in the city of Al Ain. It is a great picnic spot to go with family and friends. The best time to visit this place is from October to April. The main attractions here are the mini train, thermal bath, man-made lake, kids park, spas and restaurants. It offers beautiful views, Scenic park and hot springs water.

Green Mubazzarah park

The park is surrounded by the tallest hills of dry and hard rocks. Unlike the usual oasis, the speciality of Green Mubazzarah is the largest and wide grasslands. The park was opened to the public in 2004. Since then, many people have come here to see these greenery and hot natural springs.
It was developed by the patronage, Sheikh Zayed, the late ruler of Abudhabi. He was a lover of nature and wildlife. He has ordered the development of several other natural reserves and natural parks across the Abudhabi and Al Ain.

The greenery covers an area of 1.6 million Square metres. The main attraction here is a man-made lake in the middle of the park. We have easy access to streams and hot spring water. This man made lake really enhance the beauty of this park. In addition, many other canals and lakes can be seen here. Another of such a lake is in the Green Mubazzarah Chalets resorts.

There are many activities for kids and adults to do. Includes camel riding, horse riding and hiking. kids will love it here. Because there is ample ground to run on and lots of rides and swinging to play on.

Generally, the water flowing from the mountains will be very cold. But the water flowing from the Jebel Hafeet to the Green Mubazzarah park is very hot. It is not boiling, but quite warm. The spring flows through the middle of Green Mubazzarah park and along the road.
There is a very famous and luxury resort here called Green Mubazzarah Chalets. Which was built along with the hot springs. You can book room there, if you want to stay a night and enjoy the hot spring and the greenery. Dip the feet in the hot spring is a great feeling and experience. Many people said that this hot spring water has lot of health benefits. It also has some amazing benefits for our body. It be aids those suffering from any orthopaedic issues. However, this water is refreshing and energizing. The hot spring Carries warm water even during the winter seasons. Lots of people come here during these times. Apart from this hotel,there other hotels where couples can stay. Mercure grand Jebel Hafeet one of the hotel and Danat Al Ain resort.

Train Ride

There are two types of mini train services available. Let us choose what we like. These mini trains run ten trips a day covering the green mubazzarah park full areas. These trains run by leisure train tourism. The train services is started in early 2019.

Green Mubazzarah Park

Although they are called trains, these are not really trains. One of the train they are much like a regular bus with wheels but resembles train shapes. It can carry up to 22 person at a time. Through this train trip  help the tourists can understand the history of Green Mubazzarah park and through the journey you see the entire sight of the park.

You must visit the green mubazzarah mosque. This mosque is worth seeing. It is a remarkable buliding. The architecture of the mosque and its furnishings are something to behold.

The beautiful place have a numerous facilities. Including lovely terrace, restaurants, clean washrooms and small shops . The small shops sell the needful for BBQ and other items.
There is a designated area inside the park for tourists camping sprinkled with BBQ spot. They also allow overnight camping. But not always.

They are many different types of amazing parks in al ain, but the Green Mubazzarah park is easily accessible,very large and has a good attractive.
You can come here in your own car or taxi service. If you are coming from Dubai there will be about 2 hours traveling. Now if you are coming from Abudhabi there will be an 1 hour and 45 minutes of travel.

You don't have to pay any kind of entry tickets in green mubazzarah park. However for swimming,there is an 5 AED per person. The green mubazzarah train ticket charges 20 AED per person.

Things to look out for when going to Green Mubazzarah park. If you are staying there for the night, bring a winter cap and jacket. Drive carefully to see good snow at night. Carry your own towel as well as an extra one pair dress.


Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain - Abudhabi - United Arab Emirates.


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