Walayar Dam

Walayar Dam at Palakkad

All the dams in Kerala stand tall without giving up their natural beauty. Dams are built for irrigation projects but later become a tourist attraction. Walayar dam is a beautiful dam that rises above the soil of Palakkad. Walayar dam is located in the palakkad district of Kerala. The dam is situated on the Palakkad- Coimbatore NH 47 at walayar in the Puthussery Grama panchayath. This beautiful dam built across the walayar river, a tributary of the Kalpathy river. The dam Construction was started in 1953 and completed in 1956 as part of the palakkad irrigation projects. But it was started in 1964. Walayar dam is also a major contributor to the irrigation of Palakkad.

Walayar dam, palakkad

Large industrial enterprises such as Malabar cement company depend on the walayar dam for  their daily water supply. The dam is 20.42 meter high and 1478 meter wide . The dam has a storage capacity of 18.4 million cubic metres. Jayaprakash Narayanan Deer park is located near the dam. The park is spread over an area of 120 acres. There were a lot of deer here, so it was decided to make it a Safari park. In February 2014, the National Zoo Authority denied park permits for non- compliance with instructions to comply with regulations on forest and wildlife conservation and to increase facilities for visitors. As a result, there were no visitors and the park became worse.

Walayar dam

The fences built to protect the deer were destroyed by the elephants and then a large number of deer became extinct due to the attack of  Wolves and Leopards. park officials are now trying to save the remaining deer. Once a wonderland, deer park is now in dire straits. There are the problems that can arise it such animals are kept in cages in the wild. The scenic beauty of the area around the walayar dam is always awe- inspiring....


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