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Anakulam is a beautiful place located in the Idukki district of Kerala. Anakulam is situated near Mankulam on the Adimali- Munnar route. Although it is located close to Munnar, but Mankulam is not as refined as Munnar. It is a lush green country with hills, mountains,  streams and waterfalls. The weather here is mixed with all the spices growing in abundance. The Anakulam in Mankulam panchayath is hot and cold but the temperature is higher.


Like the name Anakulam, this place is an elephant sanctuary. As summer approaches, herds of elephants flock to the river to drink water. Herds of elephants that come to drink water day and night are a marvel to every visitors. Many tourists come here to see the elephants up close. when the water shortage in the forests worsens. Elephants flock here to drink and bathe. Herds of elephants have horns and cubs.

Therefore, it is best time to make the trip to anakulam in the summer. Neighbors say there are sometimes up to 30 elephants in the herd. The elephants reach the river near the Anakulam of Ettacholayar. This wild herd regularly drinks water from the same place. According to locals , the bubbles rising near a rock in the river are salty and the elephants regularly come here to drink the water. The wildebeest playing in the water has never harmed anyone. These herds of elephants offer beautiful views to the visitors. Until the end of the harsh summer, the elephants come for about three or four months to see the land and drink the river water. This is also the time when most of the tourists visit Anakulam.

If you are going to Mankulam you should definitely go hinterlands in an Off road Jeep. This will be a good experience for they will take you to the all the waterfalls in the hinterlands and show you. Off road Jeep charge around Rs 2500.

Anakulam is an uninhabited area. There are many homestays in the vicinity of Mankulam for you to stay. Homestays have all the amenities we need.

How to Reach

Mankulam is located at a distance of about 15 km from Kallar on the Adimali- Munnar route. From there, you can travel 8 km to reach the scenic Anakulam.


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