Recreational Activities in Khalifa Park

 Khalifa Park Abudhabi

Khalifa park is one of the most famous park in Abudhabi. Khalifa park is located near FAB head office near the Ministries Complex Abudhabi. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction of the city. Park is very well designed. The shrubs are manicured to various shapes to decorate the garden. This park covers an area of 500,000 Square Metres. Khalifa park  which is opened in 2007. Which includes Library, Beautiful water features, Amphitheatre, Train ride, Aquarium, Swimming pool,Mini waterfalls, Maritime museum, Canals, Fountains and Amusement park for kids.

Khalifa park Abudhabi

Khalifa park is a great place to go for a weekend getaway with family and friends. Kids will love the park the most. This is a spacious park where  kids can run and play. Khalifa park offers a variety of entertainment activities for kids. The entrance fee to khalifa park is 2 AED per person.

Entertainments at Khalifa Park

Train Ride.

The toy train is one of the greatest attraction for the visitors. Kids and parents alike can ride the train at khalifa park. Let's ride the toy train for 20 minutes. During the train ride we get a complete view of khalifa park. There is also a Stop at each designated areas. So visitors can explore the attractions. Visitors can catch the ride from two places, either from the stop nearest the main entrance another one the library located area at the end of the park . The riding charges 3 AED per person.

Maritime Museum

The maritime museum at khalifa park is located near the entrance next to the gym. Just turn left right after entering the park and you will see the sign that says Abudhabi- A journey through time. Where you show your tickets and are taken to be seated in a moving roofless capsule that physically carries you through scene. This  time tunnel at khalifa parak is a ride  that gives visitors some historical content to the Emirates transformation through scene and wax statues. It then charts the pearl - fishing industry and the development of oil industry. The entry fee 5 AED  per person.

Khalifa park

Khalifa Park Aquarium

After the capsule ride, visitors can proceed up stairs to the khalifa park Aquarium. Here you will  found a series of small aquariums with various sea lifes inside include fish and a great big turtle. This is definitely an area that kids will love.

Murjan Splash Park

Murjan splash park is definitely a place that kids  will love. The water park contain six numbers of water based activities such as crawl tunnel, water wheel, water guns and more. Other notable attractions at the  murjan splash park includes, Lazy River Ride The lazy river ride makes its way along with twists and turns. Lazy river is perfectly safe for kids. Surf wrangler only kids over the age of 11 can allowed on this ride. Bumper Boats  these are small battery powered boats, sized for small kids. Kids can play sailor and hit each other lightly. Amusement park entry fee and riding charge 50 AED.

Visitors can use changing rooms to change into swimming dresses. Located at the edge of khalifa park. Murjan splash park  includes food and beverages facilities. so you need not carry any outside food with you. Incase of any minor cut or injury you can immediately contact the first aid providers. The murjan splash park at this park is one of the significant element of entertainment for the kids.

Khalifa park Library

Khalifa park library offers a vast collection of general and specialised books. The library is one of the largest in abudhabi. The childrens library, located  in its own annex, has 10,000 books and have a reading hall and a computer corner. The maine library has a collection of 2000 descriptions on the topic related to countries in the region. They have gifted by the Universities and international research centers. While the libraries do have book in English, the majority are in Arabic. It is a seperate library areas for childrens and be adults at khalifa park.

Additionally khalifa park  also offers other services such as Horse ride, khalifa park gym, Football playground and offers to host birthday parties etc.. 
For those who are reluctant to walk around the park, there is taxi service available  5 AED per person.

Khalifa park Abudhabi location: opposite Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street - Abudhabi.


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