Scintillating Waterfalls in Dharmapuri

Hogenakkal Falls at Tamilnadu

Hogenakkal falls is a famous waterfalls located in the Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu. This waterfall is situated in the Kaveri river on the border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Hogenakkal derives its name from the kannada Hog - Kal. Waterfalls on the rocks it appears as if hog (smoke) is emanating from the top of the kal (rock) because of the force of the water, Hence Hogenakkal (smoking rocks). It is also called as Marikottayam by the people of Tamilnadu.

Hogenakkal falls

There are 36 waterfalls in the middle of the Sathyamangalam forest. The view from the wide expanse and finally the river rushing to the depths with excitement is amazing. The waterfall and its adjoining lake are a tributary of the Kaveri river flowing in to Tamilnadu. There are the reason why the Oil bath, fishing in a Coracles, live fish fry, ride in the coracles and make the baths enjoyed by the youth one of the most popular waterfalls in South India. It is also called as Marikottayam by the people of Tamilnadu. 

Hogenakkal falls

Main attractions of Hogenakkal Falls

Boating in Hogenakkal is allowed only dry season, as the falls are not strong enough to disrupt the passage of the boats. The coracles are about 2.24 metre in diameter and can carry 8 people at a time. These coracles are made of bamboo, and with all materials available takes about a day to build. The Coracles are locally called Parisal in Tamil and Teppa or Harigolu in Kannada. The most interesting is the Cruise by Coracle. This light weight bamboo boat doesn't matter if it is spinning or colliding. Also the live fish fry here is very popular. Here we can see a lot of vendors who fry the fish caught from the water in real time. The waterfall is an important source of livelihood for the border villages in the state of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Thousands of people are employed in connection with the facilities associated with this waterfall.

Another speciality of Hogenakkal is the bath which is a medicine prepared for travelers. Many people including foreigners visit Hogenakkal only for baths performed by people licensed as traditional healers. Apply oil and herbs and lie on the empty rocks and then bathe in the waterfall, that is the method.

 This waterfall is also known as the Niagara of South India and Athirapilly in  Tamilnadu. The Coracle goes down through the stream. The trips that cut through the rocks in the flowing areas and stopped for a photo shoot were all good fun. The small caves along the centuries- old path of the water take travelers back to the heritage memories of Hogenakkal. 

Tribal communities belonging to the Meenavar and Vannavar communities live on both side of the river. Meenavar have the right to water and fish in the river. The right to land and other things belongs to the Vannavar. However, there are no significant problems between the two parties.

The producer Joshi brings Hogenakkal wonders to the masses through Mohanlal's film Naran. Hogenakkal also shot the Climax scene of Dileep's Film Maryada Raman. Hogenakkal is also a regular location for Tamil and Telugu movies.

Things to look out for

Bathing in a waterfall or a nearby stream can cause sudden flooding, so be careful. Roads and rocks are likely to slip, try to wear shoes with good grip.Tourists more likes the bamboo Coracle ride.

There is a problem with the leech, So keep the Salt in your hand. Follow the guides instructions. It is dangerous to go into the water under the influence of Alcohol.

How to reach

 This tourist destination is located at a distance of 140 km from Bangalore, 80 km from Mysore, 114 km from Salem and 46 km from Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu.


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