Illikkal Kallu & Hell Bridge


Highest Peak in Kottayam district

 Illikkal Kallu is located in the Kottayam district of Kerala. It is the highest peak in Kottayam district. These hill define the boundaries of the Moonnilavu and Thalanad panchayaths near Erattupetta. This peak is the starting point of Meenachil river. The Illikkal kallu, which is about 4000 FT high, is made up of 3 rock formations. The tallest of these rocks is known as Koodakallu and the nearest serpentine model rock is known Koonankallu.

Illikkal kallu, kottayam

Nature has built a bridge that only one person can walk on. At a depth of about 20 FT, this part is known as the Hell Bridge. It is accessed by a narrow stone path. There is also a large coca in the lower eyelid area. Hell bridge is a place that has long been known as the place where many people lost their lives. Only adventures still cross the Hell Bridge. Those who are not usually go a little further and return to see the Illikkal kallu. The Illikkal kallu, which has many passages and caves, bears a striking resemblance to the Pillar Rocks at Kodaikanal.

Illikkal kallu

The locals believe that there is a Neelakoduveli on the top of this peak. Neelakoduveli is a plant with amazing power. It is believed that holding its flowers will bring in a lot of money. It is a grassy place and always windy. No big trees. It is said that the sea in Alappuzha can be seen from afar when the snow is clear. Illikkal kalku is a place of natural beauty. Illikkal kallu is entering the singing scene of the movie CIA starring Dulquar Salman. The new good safe road has now been built to Illikkal kallu. Tourists can easily reach the Illikkal kallu. The road to this place is also very beautiful. You have to climb 22 hairpin bends to reach this mountain. The vehicle will reach just below the Hell Bridge..

If you look from the top of this mountain, you can see the Arabian sea and the sunset in the distance, It's a good view. To reach here via  Thalanadu and Ayyampara. Illikkal kallu is located at a distance of about 50 km from Kottayam city and 6 km from Teekoy.  If to describe the Illikkal kallu, A rock watching the clouds play hide and seek in the valley. A popular tourist destination. Illikkal kallu awaits tourists with its head covered with cold and fog. If you look from any of the high place in Kottayam district, you can see this mountain rising high with the sky. The car now reaches the top of the hill. Which was neglected by tourists due to lack of transportation facilities. Prior to this , only a handful of people had conquered Illikkal kallu and Illikkal valleys. However, the newly formed tourism projects includes Illikkal kallu along with other important tourist destinations. Since then, many tourists have started coming here. Now wedding videographers and other small shooting crews are flocking to capture the beauty of Illikkal kallu. There are no adequate safety standards, warning boards and guards. You can visit Illikkal kallu from 8 am to 5 pm. Illikkal kallu and the areas is under the control of DTPC.


Kottayam - Illikkal Kallu - 56 km 

Vagamon - Illikkal kallu - 30 km

Kochi  -  Illikkal kallu  - 94 km

Illikkal kallu can be reached via Kottayam, Pala, Erattupetta, and Teekoy. 

You can reach Illikkal kallu from Vagamon via Teekoy and from Ernakulam via Melukavu and Moonnilavu.


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