Bannerghatta Biological Park, Banglore, Karnataka -

Bannerghatta National Park is located near Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Established in 1970, it was declared a National Park in 1974. In 2002, a small part of the park became Zoological Garden and Bannerghatta Biological Park. This park offers a wide range of diverse wildlife to explore. The park has ancient temples for worship and is a destination for trekking and hiking. Within the national park area are six rural villages enclosed within three large enclosures for sheep and cattle farming. 

Bannerghatta National Park, Banglore

The park has a hilly terrain of granite sheets under moist deciduous forest valleys and scrubland on higher areas. Sixteen villages border the park. The 65,127.5 acre  national park is located about 22 km south of Bangalore in the hills of the Anekal range with an elevation of 1245 - 1634m. Most of the national park consists of artificial forest, and some animals have been introduced. 

The park is part of the wildlife corridor for elephants that connects BR Hills and Sathyamangalam forest. The park is bounded by Talli Reserve Forest to the southeast and Bilical Forest to the south. The Bannerghatta Biological Park is also the first biological park in all of India. Covering an expanse of 122 acres, this sanctuary is sponsored by PETA India.  

One hundred and one species of birds have been recorded in the park.The fauna pose some risk to humans. In August 2012, a man was trampled to death by an elephant. Occasionally, animals leave the reserve and come into contact with humans. Apart from the zoo and jungle safari, Bannerghatta Biological Park also has a butterfly park and a rescue center where captive animals are cared for and protected.

The biological park is also home to a large variety of butterfly species. It houses a butterfly park, butterfly conservatory, research laboratory, museum, curio shop and 48 species of butterflies. On safari inside the forest, you can see various animals including tigers, bears, deer, elephants and monkeys. Here you will find many useful herbs and plants like Neem, Tamarind, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood. The Bannerghatta Biological Park is also a great place for photography. 

King cobra, panthers, crocodiles, deer, bears, birds and many other wild animals can be seen in this zoo. You can also opt for short trekking and hiking expeditions and enjoy a lifetime experience. The best time to visit the park is between the months of October and February. 

Highlights of Bannerghatta National Park 


The zoo also includes a special reptile park and a small theater. The zoo houses a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, and Indian and exotic birds. Over 1900 animals of 94 species are present here. These also include the Thamin Deer, Crocodiles, Hog Deer, King Cobra and the Himalayan Black Bear, amongst others. 

Elephant Sanctuary 

The park is the first fenced elephant sanctuary in the country where gentle tusks roam freely without any restrictions. It was designed by Carol Buckley and spread over 122 acres. 

Rescue centre 

In addition to this, you also get to visit the areas where orphaned and rescued animals are kept. you get to see quite a few wild animals in their natural habitat, such as leopards, lions, zebras, Bengal tigers, white tigers, panthers, rhinoceros, elephants, porcupines, bears, bison as well as a few species of deer.  

Butterfly Park 

The butterfly park also houses a museum, an audio-visual room as well as an observatory. This is the first butterfly enclosure in the country, which was established in 2006. One can see almost twenty different species of butterflies here. 

Entry Fee: Adults Rs: 50/-

                    Childrens Rs: 30/-

                    SR. Citizen: 50/- 

Jungle safari 

The jungle safari is a total of 16 kilometres, which can either be done via a Jeep or in an AC or non-AC bus. In the jungle safari, you get to see quite a few wild animals in their natural habitat, such as leopards, lions, zebras, Bengal tigers, white tigers, panthers, rhinoceros, elephants, porcupines, bears, bison as well as a few species of deer. 

You can avail the jungle safari between 10:00 a.m. and 04:30 p.m. on all days of the week except Tuesdays when the park is closed. 

Champaka Dhama Swamy Temple 

The temple houses a shrine dedicated to Lord Narasimha/Vishnu, present here with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi. The temple is built in the Dravidian architecture that was dominant during the Hoysala era in history. 

Location: Bannerghatta Rd, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083 

Visiting Hours: The timings of Bannerghatta National Park are from 09:30 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. The park is open to the public on all days of the week except Tuesday.  

Entry Fee: Free Entry

How to Reach 

By Air: The Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru is located approximately 55.8 kilometres from the Bannerghatta Biological Park.  it is recommended to first take a bus from the airport to Ulsoor. Subsequently, you can take a taxi from Ulsoor to the park. 

By Bus/ Taxi: Taking a prepaid taxi or Ola and Uber from the airport all the way to Bannerghatta Biological Park is also advisable. A taxi will take you to the park the fastest, whereas taking the bus is the cheapest way to the park. 


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