Tranquility Embodied: Exploring the Beauty of Al Hefaiyah Lake

The new Al Hefaiyah Lake, also known as Kalba Lagoon and Al Hefaiyah Rest Area in Sharjah Eastern Region. Opened on March 30, 2024, by His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. Al Hefaiyah Lake, nestled along the Sharjah-Kalba Road near the Al Hiyar Tunnel, not only boasts stunning scenery but also functions as a vital water reservoir for the city, covering an expansive 132,000 square meters.

Al Hefaiyah Lake

Al  Hefaiyah Lake in Kalba is now open and offers another beautiful place to visit in Kalba. Relax and enjoy the mountain view, take a boat on the lake, have a picnic, dine with a view, hike or take a gentle walk.The lake offers a scenic drive around its perimeter, spanning a distance of 2.3km.

Al Hefaiyah Lake functions as a reservoir, boasting a depth of 4 meters and a capacity of up to 155 million gallons of water. Prior to reaching the lake, rainwater undergoes filtration to remove sediment and rock, guaranteeing the provision of clean water. The lake's unique shape, not conforming to traditional round or oval designs, has been specifically tailored to fit within the confines of the surrounding mountains and the adjacent highway. 

What can you do at Al Hefayya Lake? 

You can easily spend an afternoon or evening here.  The grassy areas around the lagoon offer convenient parking and lush, comfortable spots to sit, while benches are conveniently scattered along the sides as well.

Renting a boat or kayak 

You can rent a single kayak or double kayak for an hour or a motorised boat for half an hour. The boats take between two and five people. The current opening hours are from 4pm to 1am daily. The ideal time to go just now is around 5:30- 6pm as the lake is mostly shaded by the mountains at that time but you can still enjoy the view before nightfall. 

The single kayaks are currently AED20 per hour and the doubles are AED40. The motorised boats costs AED100 for up to three people and AED 130 for 4-5 for 30 minutes. Both cash and card payment is possible. 

Lifejackets are mandatory and each motorised boat has a walkie-talkie if you need help while out on the water. 

Play areas at Al Hefaiyah Rest Area 

The play area at Al Hefaiyah Rest Area is adjacent to the restaurant and divided into two sections for younger and older children. 

Al Hefaiyah Mosque

Al Hefaiyah Mosque allows visitors to perform their daily prayers comfortably. Built in Fatimid style, the mosque includes a spacious ladies’ section and an Islamic library. 

Walking and hiking at Eastern Mountain/ Trail The Al Hefaiyah Lake Trail 

We can walk around the lake on a wide walkway. The walking distance around the lake is 2.3 km. There are many hiking trails in Al  Hefaiyah. They are of different lengths and difficulty levels. The park map is a little confusing for longer trails because it shows specific sections of trails, but it's pretty easy to work with. The Al Hefayya Lake Trail runs along the hillside from one side of the lake to the opposite side. It is 2 km and easy. There are some small inclines along the way at the beginning and end. 

The Eastern Mountain Trail is the next level up from the previous one, going up the mountainside to another mountain. 1.2 km.

Enjoy a dining experience at Al Hefayya Lake. 

There is a large restaurant in the large building near the entrance and a cafe next door. Both have full-length windows on three sides, offering spectacular views. They also have blackout blinds for hot weather. 

What can you not do at Al Hefaiyah Lake

Here are the things which are not allowed at Al Hefaiyah Lake: 


smoking sheesha


playing with a ball


taking a dog alongs


Going on quad bikes or cars on the trails or mountains 

Location: Sharjah-Kalba Rd - Alhafia - Sharjah, UAE.

Visiting Hours: Open 24 hours 

Entry Fee: Free Entry 

How to Reach 

we can go to Kalba Road (S/E102) because it is very beautiful. If you take this route, look for the exit to the lagoon or rest area, passing through the Al Hayar Tunnel and the Hanging Garden on the right. Follow the road round, then at the roundabout, take a right through the lagoon underpass. If you miss the exit, go to the roundabout and do a U-turn.

You can take the Fujairah Highway (E84) and then take the Kalba Ring Road.From Khor Kalba, take the E102 towards Al Hefayya Mountain Conservation Centre, go straight and look for the exit on the right. 

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