Sight Seeing places of Agali hills

Agali hills, Palakkad

Agali hills are located in Mannarkkad taluk in Palakkad district of Kerala. Agali hills can be reached by traveling 25 km from mannarkkad. This is a village close to the silent valley. This place is located at a distance of 98 km from the city of Palakkad. It is only 16 km from the Kerala- Tamilnadu border. Agali is also the nearest village to Attappadi. The beautiful view of the silent valley can be seen from the Anamooli hills, that's why this village is more famous. This tribal village is located on the edge of a forest in the Attappadi  forest range. Agali is a valley in the Malleswaram hills, One of the richest mountains in the silent valley. The goat breeding center of the government of Kerala is located nearby.

There are lodges and small resorts here. Most of the people speak tamil, probably because the cities in tamilnadu are close. One of the highlights is the tea, rice ,curry and snacks available at the small restaurants here. Very few people speak malayalam, their malayalam is mixed with tamil. many people come here to enjoy the delicacies and cuisine that are popular among the tribals. Agali is predominantly a tribal family of Mudugar,Irular, and Kurumbar divisions. Ayyappanum Koshiyum , starring prithviraj and Biju Menon shot the film in agali.

Agali is located in the Attapadi range, the second biosphere forest in the silent valley National park. You can see the Nilgiris stripes. The Bhavani river, which flows through tamilnadu, originates from these forest. Anyone who comes to see silent valley should leave as soon as agali arrives, this is because agali is the only town where food and water are available. The main attraction is the agali Narsimukku view point. Standing there, the world seems to stand like a fortress underfoot.

Shiruvani dam

The shiruvani river which flows through agali panchayath and the Bhavani river which is shared by Agali - Puthur panchayaths are the favourite destination of  tourists. Shiruvani is part of the agali forest.

The shiruvani dam can be reached by traveling 10 km from Mannarkkad to Palakkad and 18 km from chirakkalpadi via Palakayam. Riding to the dam and staying at the pattiyar Bungalow in the dense forest is one of the attractions here. Visitation is from 9 am to 3pm. Private vehicles can also pass through the forest. The Trek is about three hours. The private and government vehicles are available here. We can choose any one and the guide fee and more. The journey will end at the tamilnadu border. Then the climb to the top of the hill.

Pattiyar bungalow can be stayed only with the consent of the MLA, the Minister and the district forest officer. Arrive at the bungalow before 4pm. Once it gets dark, wild elephant herds are likely to descend. The two room bungalow can accommodate up to five people per room. The kitchen and Cook are all in the bungalow. It should wakeup early in the morning but you can see the view of the forest. Approximately parts of the forest and the dam can be seen sitting in the bungalow.

 A forest where Elephants, Leopard, and bears roam freely. About 3 km from the bungalow you can reach Keralamedu on the tamilnadu border. There are checkposts on each side of the border. Many animals like tiger, deer, and wild buffalo come near the check post at night. If you look up at the Tamilnadu check post, you can see the city of Coimbatore. The agali journey offer many scenic views.


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