Activities at Crescent Moon Island Dubai

Moon Island is one of the hidden places in Dubai that you should definitely explore. Located 70 km from Dubai Beach, Moon Island takes you away from the fast paced life. For guests visiting the entertainment destination, this hidden spot is known as moon island due to its unique shape – the island looks like a crescent moon. You can engage in fun activities. 

Crescent Moon Island, Dubai

Watersports on offer at Moon Island are sure to delight travelers. One can enjoy the thrill of jet skiing while embracing the rush of wind. Those who want a more relaxed experience can opt for a boat trip with the family. Snorkelling in the clear waters and exploring the incredible marine life is another fun activity to try at Moon Island. You will also get a chance to enjoy a luxury cruise. Fishing is also allowed on the island, so if you have your own fishing equipment, this is another fun activity to try. You can prepare a barbecue for the family on the pristine sand and enjoy the fascinating views of the ocean. 

Moon Island is far from the mainland. So, you can visit this place only if you book Moon Island for Dubai tours with different companies. A popular way to explore Crescent Moon Island is to opt for a deep sea fishing tour. Even if you are not expert in fishing, with the guidance and equipment provided by the touring companies, you can catch fish very easily. Visitors can book a full day tour. These trips are perfect for families as there is plenty to do for everyone. Adults can indulge in water sports, while little ones can enjoy a boat ride followed by a beach side picnic.

There are a few sailing clubs in Dubai that organize Moon Island tours. If you own a boat, you can register with the club and enjoy sailing on calm waters. Given the lack of public facilities, keep in mind that you will need to bring everything from home. 

Currently, boats and charter yachts are the only way to reach the Moon Island Dubai location; There are no roads leading to the place. Companies offering Moon Island Dubai packages provide pickup services from different areas of Dubai. While going to this small island by boat, you can take some amazing pictures with the Dubai skyline in the background. 

Here are some popular tour companies offering packages to Moon Island Dubai: 

Arabian diver 

Cozmo Yachts 

Sky & Sea Adventures 

Seven Yachts 

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Visiting Hours: Open 24 hours 

Entry Fee: According to the tour packages provided by the companies.

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