Ali Ibn Abi Talib Mosque (Iranian Mosque, Bur Dubai)

The Hosseinia Iranian Mosque is a Shia mosque located near the Old Textile Souk in the Bur Dubai district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The mosque is also known as "Ali Ibn Abi Talib Mosque". It was originally built in 1979. Shia Islam is practiced by a minority of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates. It is also practiced among diaspora Muslim communities living in the country, especially Iranians, some Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, and other nationalities. Twelve non-Shia branches such as the Ismailis and Dawoodi Bohras are also present in the UAE, accounting for less than 5% of the total population. Shia citizens are concentrated in the city of Dubai, mostly belonging to the most recent (1920s) class of immigrants who were able to acquire citizenship.There are many Shia mosques in the country. One of them is the Iranian Mosque in Bur Dubai 

Ali Ibn Abi Talib Mosque (Iranian Mosque, Bur Dubai)

Inspired by Persian architecture, this mosque is notable for its colorful exterior and interior. It features a facade and onion dome marked with elaborate Persian faience tile work, and a blue background featured in floral patterns. Islamic calligraphy from the Quran is inscribed in rosettes between swirls in green, yellow, red and white. The mosque has its origins in the city's Iranian community. 

Lonely Planet describes it as "a simple but striking mosque in the textile area of ​​Bur Dubai Souk" and is "noted for its ethereal, bulbous domes and soft minarets." The land it was built on was donated by then Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

Shia Muslims are granted freedom to worship, and maintain their mosques. Most Shias are concentrated in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. 

Location:  Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Visiting Hours: 24 hours open 

Entry Fee: Free entry

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