Marvellous Suspension bridge and the Ancient Sastha Temple

Ayyappankovil suspension bridge

 The Ayyappankovil suspension bridge is the largest suspension bridge in Kerala. The bridge was built to connect Ayyappankovil panchayath and Kanchiyar panchayath across the periyar river. The suspension bridge is a beautiful sight.

Ayyappankovil suspension bridge

Ayyappankovil was an important commercial center of Idukki district in the 1960s. It was here that the biggest migration threats in Kerala was faced. There has been a temple on the banks of the periyar since ancient times. 1963 when the land was surveyed for the idukki  hydroelectric project, the temple became part of the reservoir. The temple was built by the government as a replacement for Swaraj , Thoppippala.  But the ancient Ayyappa temple is still here.  The largest market in the High Range at that time was the Ayyappankovil market. When the idukki dam was completed in 1976, the Ayyappankovil market and surrounding areas were flooded. The road to Kattappana through the market was flooded. Earlier a road was  constructed from Thonithadi to Swaraj via Marykulam , Mattukatta and Vellilamkandam. Families in Ayyappankovil , Vellilamkandam and Madukka areas were evicted on land.

Ayyappankovil suspension bridge

Residence of Chandakadavu in kanchiyar panchayath crossed the Idukki reservoir and connected with Ayyappankovil and other places in idukki. But as the rains intensify, the small bridge at Chandakadavu will be submerged making the journey even more miserable, later , even essential hospital cases, including those of childrens, were crossed by rufts.

The suspension bridge is 200 meter long and is built across the idukki reservoir. This bridge is 15 km from kattappana and constructed by  KEL  at a cost of 2 crore during the year 2013-13. The suspension bridge was constructed by the River Water Conservation Department after realising the plight of the people in both the panchayath. Therefore, people, including tribals, can travel without difficulty no matter how high the water level.

When you reach Mattukatta from the kattappana- kuttikanam route, you can turn back and reach Ayyappankovil. It is located at a distance of about 15 km from kattappana. Many tourists come here to enjoy the natural beauty. If the water is not too high, you can take a boat ride. 

The giant suspension bridge was built on two pillars across the reservoir. This area dries up in summer. During the monsoon season, it gains more strength than before . Many movies have already been shot here. Anchuruli dam is very close. During the monsoon season , the entire area of the suspension bridge is flooded. It gives a good view to the tourists.

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