Most popular attractions in Kolli Malai

Kolli Hills or Kolli Malai is a major tourist destination in TamilNadu. Kolli Malai is a small mountain range located in central Tamil Nadu and spread over the Namakkal district and Tiruchirapalli district of India. It is part of the Eastern Ghats, a mountain range that runs parallel to the eastern coast of South India. Kolli Hills is visited by nature lovers, hikers, trekking clubs, tourists and meditation practitioners among hill stations in Tamil Nadu. 

Home to the Arapaleeswarar Temple, the mountain is a pilgrimage destination, but the area is also a favorite for motorcycle enthusiasts due to its high-altitude motorcycle terrain with 70 hairpin turns. These hills are situated at an elevation of 1000 to 1300 m and cover an area of approximately 280 sq km. It is situated at a distance of 43 km from Namakkal and 120 km from Trichy. 

The Mountain is named Kolli Malai after the name of Goddess Etukkai Amman (also known as Kolli paavai) guarding the hills with her divine protection. According to legend, the sages chose Kollimala when they were looking for a quiet place to do penance. However, asuras attacked the mountains to disrupt the austerities when the sages began their rituals. Sages prayed to Kollippav who, according to legend, chased away the demons. The Kolli Hills are featured in several works of classical Tamil literature such as Silappathigaram, Manimekalai, Purananuru and Akananuru. 

The mountains are covered with tropical moist mixed evergreen forest, but increasing areas of forest have been cleared for agriculture. Agricultural products in the mountains include pepper, jackfruit, bananas, pineapples, oranges, cassava and other spices. Rice and other small millets (foxtail, finger millet, little millet) are the staple food of these hill tribes. Jackfruit grown in these mountains is known for its taste and aroma and is often soaked in wild honey and harvested from these mountains. The wildlife such as Sloth bear, barking deer, Indian pangolin, jackals, mongoose, palm civets and many reptiles and snakes, the endangered Python molurus, and several birds are found in Kolli Hills. 

The mountains are covered with green vegetation in spring and monsoon and are filled with streams. There are three reserve forests under the control of the Government of Tamil Nadu, namely Ariyur Solai, Kundur Nadu, Pulianjolai. 

Trekking at Kolli Hills is a popular activity. There are two viewpoints - one at Seekuparai and another at Selur Nadu. There is a pineapple research farm maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu at Seekuparai Viewpoint. Arapaleeswarar Temple, Siddhar Caves, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Botanical Garden, Masila Falls, and Selur View Point are the popular attractions of the region. The state government organizes an annual tourism festival in the month of August at the Pineapple Research Farm. Ori festival is also celebrated grandly in this region. The Government of Tamil Nadu has established a Boat House in the region that attracts travellers. 

The best time to visit Kollimala is throughout the year except monsoon as there is a risk of landslides following heavy rains. Winter months are moderately cold, and that is why you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful season at that time too. The ideal time to visit Kolli Hills is from the months of March to June. Whenever you travel to a hill station, warm clothes are a must-have. The climate is entirely cold all around the year. There are few Resorts and Lodges are available for accommodation. 

Things to do in Kolli Hills 

Arapaleeswarar Temple 

With a rich historical and cultural significance dating back to the 1st century CE, the Arapalishwara temple was built by Valvil Ori. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is a prominent part of the Kolli Hills and stands as a witness to the finest Dravidian architecture till date. 

Tampcol Medicinal Farm 

It is also a beautiful place to walk around. If you are a travel lover, you will surely love to roam around this area. The place is much famed for being the home to the medicinal plants in abundance.  

Botanical Garden 

The Botanical is one of the paramount places to visit in Kolli Hills. It features a beautiful rose garden, eco-friendly cottages, and a majestic viewpoint and also a Children's Park. This is an absolute must visit. This place situated at a distance of only 3 km from Semmedu. 

Trek to Agaya Gangai Waterfalls 

Trekking to Agaya Gangai Waterfalls is a wonderful experience. Agaya Gangai Falls or Kollimala Falls, with a height of up to 300 feet and includes about 1000 steps descending to the base, is very popular among trekkers. Trekking to Agaya Gangai Falls is a crucial part of Kolli Hills Trekking in Tamil Nadu, with the trail stretching just 1 km from Arapaleshwara Temple. After monsoon during the months of November to January. 

The Siddhar Caves 

Siddhar Caves is one of the exciting places to roam around. Fit for only one or even two people to enter the caves at a time, and this has been believed that the Siddhar Caves are surrounded by medicinal herbs on all sides that are also the specialty of Kolli Hills. 

Vasalurpatty Boat House  

Vasalurpatty Boat House Located about 5 km from Vasalurpatti city center, the boat house is built on an artificial lake, one of the favorite places to visit in the Kolli Hills. The serene lake is surrounded by the greenery of the hills, making it one of the best experiences in the Kolli Hills. 

Location: Namakkal district and Tiruchirapalli district of TamilNadu, India. 

Visiting Hours: 24 hours 

Entry Fee: Free entry. 

Botanical Garden: 20 Rs. Entry fee for   Children: 10 Rs. 

How to reach Kolli hills

By Air: The location can be easily accessed from the contiguous airport located at Trichy, and this is around 90 km from Kolli Hills.

By Road: You can also get the prepaid taxis, which is accessible from the airport reaching the destination.

By Rail: The Salem Railway Station is the nearby railhead, outside which direct buses are available for the Kolli Hills.



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